Sunday, February 25, 2007

My best Poker night so far!!!!

Finally, I got a place at the final table within a big freeroll tournament. The unibet 200$ freeroll. There were 3027 contenders and I ended on the fifth place, winning an amazing 10.20$. My last hand. Yeah can discuss it.
I got AK, the 2 players before me folded. So I decided to go all-in (635.000$ chips), the SB folded and the BB (chipleader called) and shows 88. The river gives me what I wanted a K. But from then on it became a nightmare. The turn and the river both were 8s.

In the late afternoon I played 8 SNGs, with very lousy results. Only twice in the money, twice a second place.
Then I decided to register for the Freeroll and try to play the Dirty dozen at Titan. A very nice set-up. A SNG with 12 players and if you can win it 4 times in a row, they will give you a bonus of 2000$. I won the Dirty dozen and erased my losses of the afternoon. The Dirty dozen pays out 12$ to the winner for a 2$+0.40$ buy-in.
So if you think that you play very decent poker and don't have an account on Titan yet, try the no deposit bonus and play that Dirtyy Dozen, you have nothing to loose!!

This brings my bankroll at 39,56$. Almost 20$ more than last post.

Good Luck and see you at the tables,

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