Monday, March 19, 2007

Moving and Poker not a good combination

Made small profits on Friday and Saturday, lost it all in the Sunday evening session.
On Friday and Saturday I play very strict, which is apparently good on the low limits SNGs. On Sunday I played way to loose. Making bad decisions probably still drugged by the paint gasses.

Moving and playing Poker is not a good combination. To tired most of the time to play poker, but still I did. Which results in losses.

A friend had a very bad weekend the main cause, he played the all-in to much. remember if you play all-in before the flop, you can't control the game anymore. In his case, in 9 of the 10 cases, he had the best starting hand which does not guarantee anything. Probably it is better to do a big raise before the flop and go all-in after the flop, if you still think that you have the best hand. This way a lot of times you will win easy chips cause the other player will fold, thinking that you hit something. In the all-in they have no chance but the follow the community cards resulting in a lot of times in bad beats on the river. You can't blame them cause you gave them the chance.

An example, you have AKu and you go all-in. Somebody with 9c 10c calls. The flop show Ah 8c 3s. The turn 7c and the river Qc. Now you have lost your tournament with one hand, one gamble. If you would have played this with a raise of 200 for instance and the other one calls. And you go all-in after the flop, you have 75% chance that he will fold.
So tip of the day: don't overplay all-in. It is better to play all-in after the flop than before it. Also it gives you the chance to fold yourself. And it is better to stay in the game with a bunch of chips less than to be removed from the table.

Tonight will be a nightmare. I will try to build the Ikea Dressing. Wish me luck.

Cheers and good luck,

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