Monday, March 12, 2007

Is the star rising again?

I have played pretty well today. Played 4 SNG. 3 1$ and 1 2,5$.
Three times I ended up in the money. I won my first 2 1$ SNGs and got a little bit pissed on by the third one.
Twice I lost against pocket pair aces, twice the same person. The first time I had AKu. I was chipleader with around 1700 and he had 640 left. He went all-in and I called. Bad luck number one. The second time was worse cause only 3 players were left. I had A4, nothing dangerous on the flop, nor the turn nor the river. He went all-in in the first round and sI was tupid enough to call.

The 2.5$ SNG was close. But I managed to hang on there with a lot of luck. 3 players left, I was dealer the SB was chipleader and the BB was all-in cause of the blinds. He had Q4, while the chipleader made a straight on the river.

So a profitable evening of 5$ on Unibet.

On Pitbull Poker, the first flash poker room. So no download needed. I made 5$ profit on the money table. If you think that Titan is a fish pound, Pitbull Poker is the Fish pound.
Give it a try and profit from the 10$ no deposit bonus. It says enough that even I can make a profit there. The player keep on calling with nothing. Slow playing is the keyword here. And yes the bonus is also applicable for US Residents.

Pitbull Poker

Good luck,

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