Tuesday, May 08, 2007

half way my first challenge

I played 34 5 seaters SNGs (0.9$+0.1$) and the results are disappointing.
Only 12 times ITM. The good news is that 5 times I won the SNGs, meaning that I'm good enough head to head. Unfortunately I don't get in these situations enough. I hoped to get 50 to 60% of the times ITM, but I'm only 35% ITM. Giving me a loss of 8.8$. 16 more to go. After these 16 I have to decide if I will do another chain of 50 1$ 5 seater SNGs or if I will play another SNG. On one side I want to see if I can do better on this level on the other side people tell me to step up a level to avoid stupid bad beats from players who don't know what they are doing.

On the other side, I got 2 times ITM in a freeroll. Once 124th out of 3111 contenders and once 82 out of 4035. Giving me a profit of 0.46$ in the freerolls :). I know it is not much but I see it as a training center for MTT.

Today I played a 1$ MTT. Was ages ago that I played a paid MTT. Only 331 players. So not a big one, with only 36 places paid. I managed to end at place 27, paying out 2.31$.

For the moment I will keep playing on Unibet. They have the cheapest SNGs, only in a few other Poker Rooms you can play SNGs for a single buck. Also I only a few VIP points away from 10 free dollars.
Also created an account on Ultimate Poker. Hoping on my free 50$. I have no doubt that this will work cause it also worked for Absolute Poker.

Do you also want 50$ on Ultimate, Party poker, Absolute or Titan then use this link Your Poker Cash. Be sure to read the condition carefully, most of these offers are also valid for US residents!!!

Good luck,

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Stefan Klein said...

when you are looking for cheap money, there is always pokerstrategy who offer 50$ for free + 100$ after some raked hands. in case you are interested http://www.pokerstrategy.org.uk/about/?referer=smashill I only get a few bucks in case you succeed :)