Monday, May 07, 2007

Play or fold

Today I had a long discussion with some poker buddies.

One of them played a 5$ MTT. At some moment there were only around 70 players left, while there were 60 paid places. To give some more insight info. He had around 6000 chips (around place 50), the SB was 150, the BB was 300 and the ante 250.
His position is in the middle. Everybody before him folds and he raises 900 (3 times the BB). Everybody besides the BB folds, the BB goes all-in for around 6000 chips, meaning that my friend has to risk everything if he wants to call. Eventually the BB had 77 and was saved by the turn.
To make it even worse the River was also a 7.

The discussion started cause I told them that I would have folded the QQ. The risk is just to high so close to the paid places. By folding this QQ he was, according to my 80% sure of getting ITM. In this case the BB also shows that he has good cards, cause it is to late in the MTT to protect the blinds.
His argument was that if he plays MTT, his goal is to reach the final table, while my first concern is to get ITM. Which is absolutely correct.

What should you have done?

In the mean while it is not going good with my goals, bankroll and play.
my bankroll is almost not existing anymore, a lousy 1.58$.
I have played 32 5 seaters (0.9$ + 0.1$) and only ended 11 times ITM. I won 5 of these 11 times. 34% ITM. 24% below my goal.
I played 8 10 seater (0.9$ + 0.1$) and only twice ITM. Twice third.
2 freerolls. One 124th out of 3111 contenders, good for 0.20$.

So probably I need to deposit fresh money. Which I will.
The only question to answer is where?

Good Luck,

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Stefan Klein said...

it's a preflop push with qq, no question how you turn it. you have a good chance to boost your stack or go busto, you should always try to win instead of just reaching the money.

btw. i like the way you are going and added you to my blogroll

MrPink72 said...

My hand is becoming famous....;-)

Still believe you have to push such a hand. To reach te money and go out between 50 and 60 gives me no sattisfaction.

Gr, MrPink72

Kenn said...

i think your friend has to go allin with his QQ. Your aim in a tourney is to win and only to win you dont want your money back you want to make the final table with enough chips to give yourself a realistic chance of winning it all.

Serisouly this is the only way to play a tourney. I know because this is how i play them and since i have changed my style of play to super aggressive my results have been incredible.

Check out my blog

and then you will see that you cannot play for the money only.

The way to approach it is:

1. If you buy into a tourney that money is gone you dont have it anymore you must write it off.
2. The best time to accumalate chips is when the bubble approaches because everyone is playing scared and does not want to go bust just before the money starts.
3. For me this is the time when i play like a madman reraising everyone with anything. And i either go bust or i get a huge chip stack with which i can then bully the final table

anyway thats just my opinion but i recommend before you answer have a quick look at my blog and my style of play and i think you will see the results speak for themselves.

PS - good luck at the tables and keep the faith


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I'm with these guys, push all-in preflop and let the poker gods (amen) take care of the rest.

Never play to hit the money, play to win!

The 80th Minute said...

Hi guys,

Thx for the feedback. I have to admit that I think that you guys are right and I'm wrong.

I guess I just don't have the guts at that moment in time. I know that everybody plays extremely strict at the bubble but still ...

Will try to change my strategy but it will take time. Also i don't play a lot of MTTs due to my bankroll. If I play them it are Freerolls.