Sunday, May 20, 2007

It's going good + buy-in hunter

Had a little set back on Unibet in the 50 SNGs challenge. Had a streak of 6 SNGs not getting ITM. But the streak is over and I'm back in the winning mode. Now busy with a winning streak of 5 times ITM and I won the last 4 of them. Giving my Unibet bankroll a boost. 18 SNGs far in the second set of 50 and currently 61% ITM. First and second place evenly divided. 5 wins, 5 times second.

On Ultimate it is even going better. After not getting ITM for the first 3 SNGs I now found the correct play style for Ultimate. The last 5 SNGs ITM. Two wins and three times silver. Cause these are 5$ SNG this really helps my bankroll here.

I don't know what I'm doing different, which is not a good thing. Probably I play more relaxed and have more patience. Also I'm avoiding the bad beats and if I get one, I know that it is not my fold, cause most of the time I'm rivered.

Unibet started with a buy-in tourny set-up. The buy-in is 2.00$ with a 0.20$ extra for the house. For each player you eliminate you will get his buy-in. I'm going to try it out this evening, I'm curious how it will works. Also curious how people play these kinds of tournaments. So if you ever played this before tips are welcome.

Total bankroll: 96.01$
Unibet Bankroll: 16.50$
Ultimate Bankroll: 79.51$

Good luck,

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portdeco20 said...

ok, i will link you on my page



riveredpho3nix said...

Hey Drem, found your blog through Amatay. Nice read. Ive linked u up. It would be cool if u could return the favour. Cheers

Best of luck at the tarbs