Saturday, May 26, 2007

What a night

One of the strangest nights of my life.

Around 11 PM I started with a MTT. 72 players were participating and the used the re-buy feature frequently. After one hour I used the add-on possibility which brought my in 22th place.
After 2 hours of playing I was around the 10th place. Normally I would play very conservative on the bubble but after a in-length discussion with MrPink, I decided thatthis was to the moment to start playing aggressively. Most players play very thight on the bubble, which is fine if you are in the middle of the field but when you are short stacked I does not really help you. With this new play style I reached for the first time a Final Table in a paid MTT. To bad that the blinds killed after one bad decisions. Resulting in a 10th place and 13$ profit.

Just after I was finished around 2 a.m. my sister called my that she was in the ambulance with her husband underway to ER. So I got in my car and drove to the hospital. Apparently my brother-in-law had a head injury (a gap in his head (don't know the correct English term for it is)). When the ER doctor was going to close the gap, me the Hero fainted. Whoohoo. One of the strangest feelings in my life. When you get back to conscience you don't know where you are, you start sweating like if you were already a half hour in a sauna. The fainting on itself is strange but is forgotten wihthin an hour but the fall did hurt me. Not actually the fall but the collision with the wall!! Ouch. Severe headache, muscles aches in the neck etc...

But still I was capable of the winning my first official tennis match of this year!!!

Good Luck,

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Mark said...

Funny story - like something from TV! Congrats on that 1st final table though... hopefully the first of many.

Cheers, Mark

MrPink72 said...

Yeah! First final table....congrats and too bad you did not end up a few places higher because the pay outs get better and better! Glad the bubble tactic worked.

I will remember you faint easily when we play a live game ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey just stopped in to tell you I added you to my blog roll...