Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Two kinds of tactics for a freeroll

Playing poker again for 5 days and my results are below average.

Suddenly strange things happen with me and the poker room. Always kicked out of the SNG with a better starting hand but my hand is always killed on the river.

Played around 20 SNGs (16 5 seaters and 4 10 seater). Only 5 times I got in the money. Won 2 5 seaters and twice is came in second. In the 10 seater, I only hot in 3rd once. My SNGs where so bad that I had to deposit another 5$. My first deposit of the year! I hope that with this deposit I can survive the month May, but I doubt it.

Also played 2 freerolls and ended up in the money in one of them. And what a big price it was. Ended 124th out of 3411 contenders, 0.20$ was my share.

Freerolls are a free learning school, so why not use it. The disadvantage of Freerolls is that getting in the money is a real challenge and the ROI is only profitable if you are within the TOP 3. So it is not the best ROI. My best result, so far in a freeroll, is a 5th place out of 3224 players, with a pay-out of 20$. It took 3,5 hours before I was kicked out with a bad beat!

In the Freerolls you see 2 very common tactics. Tactic one is to build as quickly as possible a big bankroll, tactic two is playing really strict and with a lot of patience. I dare to bet that none of you have ever seen a freeroll and didn’t see at least an all-in in the first 3 or 4 hands. Within the first 10 minutes of the game 50% of the players using tactic number one are eliminated by the other 50%. 90% of the players using tactic number 2 will still be in the game. The downside of this is that the 50 surviving % of tactic 1 will try to bully the table by constantly pushing all-in. This gives back the mathematical advantage to the players using tactic number 2. Let’s say that 70% of the players using tactic 2 will survive the first hour and only 30% of the ones using tactic one.

My conclusion is that if you are lucky and you are using tactic number 1 it is easier get higher into the money but more difficult to get ITM, the assumption to this is that you have to be able to change your playing style after a while.

By using tactic number 2 I think that it is easier to get into the money but it is more difficult to reach the higher pay-outs.

Don’t be fooled by average stacks which is shown on some poker rooms. More important is your placing. If you are having a though time don’t be afraid to use the stall tactic, meaning that you use all the available time given to you before your make your decision. Why can this help? It will bring you closer to the money without any risk, cause it is possible that on the other tables 2 hands are played in the same period as one on your table and it will frustrate the other players on your table. And frustrated players will easier make bad decision, which they wouldn’t have done without the frustration. Also a couple of players will just play you to try to eliminate you. So if you use this tactic be careful with which hands you are going to play.

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20kmission said...

nice one for the comment on my blog dremember, i've added your link. Hopefully by the next post ill be back on the way up!!

Kenn said...

good luck with all the freerolls mate - its the best way to leanr as you dont want to spend a lot of money while still learning - you should read as much as possible as well - especially beginners books

good luck


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Pokeking69 said...

hey i have linked u, cheers for the comment