Monday, June 25, 2007

My games today on PokerStars

First I registered for a 2.20$ MTT. More about that later.

To fill the time until the MTT, I registered to a 18 seater SNG (1.75$). Managed to survive around 20 hands but these 2 hands killed me. Both against the same player. First I got pocket pairs 10s and decide to raise 5 times the BB. The calling station raises to all-in. I check. He shows QJ. A J on the flop leaves me behind with 600 chips. Around 10 hands later I got A6 in the BB. The calling station raises 3 times the BB and knowing that he probably has a K or Q, I reraise to all-in. Result, bye bye tourney he had A3 and the flop of course had a 3.

Another attempt on the 18 seater. Whooh won 4 hands in a row. First times I got an A dealt, to end the streak with American Airlines, with which I won a pot of 7000 chips. Ended fifth. Got eliminated with Pocket pair 66 against AA. Unfortunately the flop had a 6 and an fucking ACE!!!!! So, not aware of the American Airlines danger, I move all-in. Painful!

In the mean while the MTT has started. 1243 entrants and 180 places paid.
and my first hand. BANG right into a river. Got dealt 53u in the BB. Everybody calls, so I check! The flop 5 10 3. yeah. I raise 20, and got 3 limper. The turn is a 8 I raise 40 and got one limper left. The river again a 10. So I raise 40 again. He calls and shows pocket pair 7s.
10 hands later, i got my stacked doubled up with Ak vs A10. Mhh feels good.
20 hands later, I call an all-in with my pocket pair 10s to run against a flush! Dropping my chip count just below average.
Around 10 hands later I took revenge for my cracked pocket 10s. My K6 suited crushed the pocket pair 5s. The flop was 6, 4, 2. With 2 diamonds, just as my K6. So, i go all-in and he calls. My pair of 6s where strong enough, but the river completed the revenge with another diamond.
First hour break. Still alive and kicking. At the moment still 410 players. Currently at the 55th place.
Ran into a Pocket pairs of Aces again. This time with AK and a K on the flop. Sets me back to 210th position. I have to remeber that only 180 places are paid.
Climbed a small number of places to 190th position with still 227 players left. Will I succeed?
Shit, lost with a Flush against a FH. Dropping me back a lot of places.
16 players to go. I may not choke and have to play my cards strong.
Blinds are starting to hurt no. 200/400 with 25 ante.
SHIIIIIT, elimated at place 184. Called a raise with AJ of hearts. Got a re-raise on top. At that moment in time I was pot committed. The other turned a pocket pair of 4s. No J or A came as rescue.

Didn't play so bad, but I could have done better.


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MiasDaddy said...

Hi M8 - Thanks for your note - linked you up :-)

See ya Sunday - maybe we'll get on the same table this time!