Monday, June 25, 2007

Tilt, Tilt, Tilt

O man. Sunday I went TILT.
SNG after SNG I got bad beats. And in stead of quit playing, I continued and continued.
As a result I lost 20$ of my profit, with other words almost all of it. (6$ remains)

I got AA cracked, KK cracked. My flush beaten by a better flush, etc, etc....
I guess this is also part of Poker but still it is difficult to cope with it.

Also did not had time to join the bloggernament. Pity. But next week I will be there, I hope.
Also a small positive note, for the first time I ended up ITM in the 1,70$ 18 seater.

Today I will play very very strict.
Back to the basis of Poker.

Cheers and Good Luck,

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MiasDaddy said...

Hi Mate, these things happen a lot, especially online with many players calling with weaker hands, thinking they are stronger ones.

Keep focused, keep making the right decisions, and the upswing will soon be back.

Watch out for AJ in early pos - i've lost a lot with this hand and usually fold it now.

Good luck!