Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pokerstars and Shark Scope

It is going very well at Poker Stars.
Played 7 SNGs and ended up 6 times ITM. And the only time I didn't I really got 3 bad beats in a row. Trice I was well ahead before the river and each time I got rivered. If that is not bad enough it was three times against the same player.

No, I'm playing for the first time with my own money and on a room where some sites keep stats for, I almost check each day Shark Scope ( Until today my form was very hot. Since today the form is missing.

Maybe I will join the blogger poker tour. The only problem is that it is maybe too late for me. 10 p.m. the start time is not the problem but I don't know how long it will run. And Monday is the beginning of the working week :(.

Also, since long finally some good news again from the Belgian Football team. The youth team qualified for the semies on the EC under 21 and also for the Olympics! Yeah!!

Cheers and Good Luck,

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MiasDaddy said...

Hi Mate - The blogger tourny is 9pm - not 10pm - if that makes a difference. Not seen one go past 2 hours yet, usually 14 play!



MiasDaddy said...

sorry, that's UK time, just noticed your in Belgium!
Maybe see you later.


Mike said...


Thanks for yoour comment, good luck,maybe see you in the bloggers game.

All the best

Mike Saban

SKM said...

Hey there,

Been reading your blog, alongside some dozens more and quite honestly - yours is what interests me the most, you mix freerolls with low-buyin SNG's which is currently one of my only options.

I have a question, or two:

1. In one of your previous posts you wrote:

"In the mean time I open up an account on VC Poker. If you never had account here before you can get a 10$ No deposit bonus!"

Is the promo code for that "FreeMoney"?

2. Speaking of no-deposit bonuses: Have you heard of's $50 no deposit promotion? is it for real or are they tricky?


Littleacornman said...

Thanks for playing in the blogger game tonight.Hope to see you again next week mate.
Acornman ( Zagga on Stars)

Ron White said...

Hello, just responding to your comment on my blog. Would like to swap links. Here's my URL. I've added your link to mine already.

Thanks and good luck!

The 80th Minute said...


1. The code for the no deposit bonus is FreeCash.

2. I tried the ultimate bonus myself. And om complaints. As far as I can see, I don't see any strings.


Anonymous said...

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