Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I have created an account on Poker Stars. A friend asked my why, cause according to him it is one of the most difficult poker rooms if we look at the level of the poker players on the lowest stakes.

The reason is simple. I almost have an account on most rooms. Never thought that I could write this a year ago. I did not want to create an account on Party Poker cause they force you to fill-in a bank account, which I refuse to do. The other possible room was Full Tilt but I know that within a few months a site will hand out a 50$ no deposit bonus there, the requirements is that you never had an account on full tilt before. And the last possibility was InterPoker but they don’t accept my preferred payment method. So sorry InterCasino.

My first experiences with PokerStars are hopeful.

It is very easy to play on multiple tables at the same time. I tried it yesterday with a Freeroll, combined with a 3,30$ MTT and a 1,10$ 9 seater SNG.

So far I played 2 1,10$ 9 seater SNGs and won both. I lost some money with the MTT but won a astonishing 0.24$ with the freeroll (ended 54th out of 3400+ players, which I consider not bad at all). Also played some money tables to speed up the clearance of my deposit bonus and also there I managed to get some profit.

2 days after my 40$ deposit the cashier says that my account has 44,99$ and I’m only 394FPP away from my deposit bonus.

Which is the only drawback of PokerStars. If you only play at the lower stakes, like I do, it is very difficult (read almost impossible) to clear the bonus.

You need to collect 10 times your deposit in FPP. And for my favourite SNG of 1$, they will only give you 1 FPP. So this means trying to speed up the process with a lot of play on the money tables. And even then it will be hard. Yesterday evening I played for 15 minutes on a 0.10/0.25 money table, as a result a got 3 FPP in return. Peanuts! And I’m not yet willing to risk my bankroll on more expensive hands of SNGs. Also tried the 0.02/0.04 money tables, but there it is almost impossible to gather some FPP.

So, I doubt it if I will manage to clear the bonus. I have until end of this year. Let’s say 150 days. Meaning 3 SNGs per day or 15 minutes on the money tables per day. No way that this will happen.

But on the other side, their support team is top of the class. I forget to enter the first deposit bonus code when doing my first deposit. So bye bye first deposit bonus. So I had send them an email explaining my stupid mistake and within half an hour I got an email back, telling me that the bonus was added. And indeed after a visit to the cashier I could confirm this.

The Poker Rooms where I have an account:
- Unibet Poker (Dremeber)
- Ultimate Poker (Dremeber)
- CD Poker (Dremeber76)
- Titan Poker (Dremeber)
- Absolute Poker (Dremeber)
- VC Poker (Dremeber1976)
- Poker Stars (Dremeber)
- Pitbull Poker (Dremeber)

Cheers and Good Luck,

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RicciNas said...

Hi mate,

I will place a link to your blog, and looking foward reading your poker stories :-)

BTW what's you favourite soccerteam?



RicciNas said...

Limburgers dat zijn de beste :-)
Ik zelf ben van Bilzen.

BTW RSCA en Genk, wel eern zeer vreemde combinatiet :-)

Welke stakes speel je vooral? Limit - No Limit? Cash; MTT of SNG?



MiasDaddy said...

hi mate - thanks for your comments on my blog.
The blogger tourny is at Poker Stars (good timing!!) and is every Sunday evening at 16:00 Poker Stars time - click on Tourneys, then click on the Private tab - Bloggerment Round 13 - 5$ NL.
Password is donkament - look forward to seeing you there - my poker alias there is Spid.


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