Thursday, June 28, 2007

quick update

I played the 4,40$ MTT 180 seater at pokerstars.
Ended at the 7th place. I played very calm and strict.
And only had one bad beat and that was my last hand. The FT was open for 5 or 6 hands, so didn't had a read about every body.
Got dealt:
QQ as fourth in chip lead.
So I raise 6400 chips (blind were 600 1200 and ante was 75).
The BB calls.
On the board 6K6.
To check what the villain has, I raise another 5000.
He re-raises all-in.
So, now the thinking starts. does he has the king?
I decided to call. He didn't had the king but one of the remaining 6s.
I was sure that he wanted to buy the pot. So credit to him.

Only played 3 SNGs today.
A 9 seater where I came in second.
A 45 seater where I busted out half of the pack.
And the 180 seater.
Did some great lay downs!!!!!! Finally!

Conclusion of this evening.
I made a profit!
I won my biggest price ever (something around 25$).
And more important I'm back in the green figures.

Pokerstars account at this moment 51$ something. I deposit 40$.

No poker tomorrow bu instead a lot of beer! Will be going to Werchter the biggest Festival in Belgium. Its more or less a present for my wife, so I hope she will be enjoying it.

cheers and good luck,

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MiasDaddy said...

good news on the poker - enjoy the beer festival!

Cottlad said...

mmmmm beer festival.

Have added you to my blog Drem.

Good luck