Monday, July 02, 2007

Poker for Dummies!

Yep thats me. That's why i bought the book.
Don't know what is happening but I fail each time over and over again the qualify for the Money.
Shark scope even has troubles to define my tilt status!

Still making the one after the other bad decision. And if I play correct I get the one bad beat after the other.

So nothing much to report.

Also, it looks like a lot of blogs I read are on a hold.

Werchter was not so bad after all. I came to the conclusion that even drunk I don't like Pearl Jam and that I only know one song of them.


2 reacties:

Anonymous said...

I am back man... sorry for the delay in quality posts. trying claw my way back up.

MiasDaddy said...

Making the right decisions consistently is the key to winning htis game. Short term we may hit bad runs and cards go against you, but making the right decisions will make you a winning player long term.

I've linked you up btw!