Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back to Planet earth

Have been flying in the clouds but my last results brought me back to earth!
Tried a 10$ 10 seater (no turbo) to see how I would manage at the level. Wasn't so bad. The use the bloggerment term, I was the Bridesmaid :(. Lost against quads of queens!

Played 2 180 seaters (4,40$). But in the first was my aces where cracked which crippled me, leaving me behind with only 800 chips! (Average was 3500 at the time) Still managed to end in 27th place mainly cause of dead cards (86 83 37 27 etc...).

Lost a 18 seater again against quads of queens with my full house jacks full a aces.

Bankroll back under 60 :(.

Update: Tilted completely. My tilt was for my bankroll a big one, a loss of 21$ on stars. Luckily I won something back on the ring games on Ultimate (profit of 5 fucking $).
FPP to go on stars around 160. Thx to my upswing last sunday, this should be possible, without many evenings as these ofcourse.
Raked hands to go an Ultimate around 180. Will be though but I will do my utmost best!


2 reacties:

portdeco20 said...

good luck =D

Rob1606 said...

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