Monday, July 30, 2007

BritBloggerment 19: An Unexpected winner: ME!

O man, what a rollercoaster of emotions. I did not came to the bloggerment with a lot of expectations. Was already proud on myself cause I earned enough the last week that my bankroll allowed me to register.

I guess that nobody saw this victory coming, not even me! My wife had one of the nights of her life with my screaming at my laptop. No Ace or give me an Ace. Etc... I guess everybody knows these moments.

A lot of records broken for me with this bloggerment. First time survived the first hour, first time reached the final table, First win! Biggest win ever. And this against players which I all respect and I assume that at least 50% of the field was more experienced and a better poker player than me. It is like winning the WPT as an amateur. Couldn't even fall into sleep, to much adrenaline in my body :).

Also for the first time in my life I could withdraw money from a pokerroom instead of depositing!

This is my version of the tournament.

First of all, sorry if I was neglecting the chat. Needed all my concentration on the plays.Got so many flushes, unbelievable. Also, lots of respect for 9 lives cat: MikeSaban. He was like weed almost impossible to eliminate.

Hand 16: First time doubled up.
Holding pocket pair 4s. Poor Spid ran into these with going all-in after my re-raise. Holding pocket pair Ts.In the next 30 hands I thrown away around 1000 chips with bad play.

Hand 48: My first bounty (if there were any)
Sitting in BB with K5 unsuited. JBWales throws all his 210 chips in. Had to call only 160, around 5% of my stack.Used the 2 pairs on the board with a higher kicker to elimate JBWales. Who was holding pocket 6s.

Hand 80: Miraculous save
Cannot blame that Al Eleven was swearing at me. I had 2400 chips at the moment and was willing to make a move with myKJ unsuited. Raise of 1 times the BB and of course a call. The flop 6 8 J. Don't know what I was thinking but I tried to bluff and raised all-in. A no brainer for Al Eleven to call with his pockets 8s. And than the miraculous save on the turn and the river. A J and a K making my FH. Poker can be so dishonest!This hand made my tournament. With 4318 chips I could wait for my monsters.

Hand 90: Folded AK unsuited against an preflop all-in call from Al Eleven after my 4BB raise.At that moment did not want to risk my tournament life. Had already to much luck.

Hand 109: My first flush!
Stack at the moment was 4843. Got Q 10 suited diamonds sitting in BB.The cloud raises all-in from early position. Meaning at least an A with something higher than a 10. A call costed me around 20% of my stack. Don't know why but I called making the flush on the river. Sorry Cloud this was a call against all odds. But I had the river and straight possibilities.

Hand 134: Second Flush! And a big pot.
Around 10 people left in the game. Sitting in middle position I was dealt AJ suited (clubs). I raise 4BB and got reraised by HullJimi in the SB and I decide to call. Flop has 2 clubs and no dangerous cards. But he goes all-in. So he has a high pair or a pocket pairs. He would have re-raised with pocket 8s, 5s or ducks. I have 9 outs for the turn and the river. An A probably will win it for me but can't be sure with that. So around 10 outs. If I win this pot, the FT should be assured if I don't the tournament is over! I decide to call and the river gave me my club!

The FT started at hand 136.
Weegem: 12650
Dremeber: 11966
Wadhead: 10765
surflexus: 7015
Suffolkpunch: 4655
Al Eleven: 4391
moz_1986: 4069
Mikesaban: 2786
HullJimi: 203

Hand 142: Pocket pairs 2s.
I hate those cards, so I decide to limp in and run away on the first raise.Flop 4 7 2 with 2 hearts. Moz goes all-in. Has he hit a pair? I call with 25% of my chips. It is not the moment to throw away 3 of a kind. Moz shows hit top pair 7s. And got no rescue on the turn or the river.

Hand 146: Bubble time.
Dremeber: 16285 (Not used at this level. Everybody is stealing my chips. And I don't succeeded in stealing somebody else blowing my table image if I had one.)
Wadhead: 13331
Weegem: 12400
Surflexus: 9118
Suffolkpunch: 5030
Mike"stillhere"Saban: 2336

Hand 164: Thrown away 3600 chips, cause I did not trust the re-raise of Surflexus. Raised 4BB with A10 unsuited. Should have called as BB the first raise instead of trying a reraise.

Hand 174: Again to scared to play.
Not used to have so aggressive/experienced players around me.Thrown away 1200 chips after again an all-in reraise of Suffolkpunch. Was holding A3 so more or less a no brainer. Shouldn't have raised in the first place.

Hand 185: Third time a big flush.
Sitting in middle position got A(d)Q UNSUITED. Decide to raise 3BB and got a call from the BB (SurFlexus). After the flop (6d Kd Jc) I raise to see if the cards made surflexus stronger. But he just calls! So probably not. On the turn there is another diamond. Surflexus just checks giving me a free card to complete my flush. And yes the river gives me the 8 of diamonds.Only an A of diamonds would beat me. He raises only 650?? Easy call and victory!

Hand 195: The bubble is popped!
The bubble lasted for at least 49 hands! Sitting in SB with A5 unsuited. I call the BB who checks. On the flop I see A 7 5 rainbow. Decide to play rope-a-dope and I just check. Suffolkpunch bites the bait and raises 1200. The re-raise was a no brainer, also the call when he went all-in.He showed middle pair 7s and was beaten.

Hand 206: lost 3600 chips without a showdown. Ran scared away from the pot.
Hand 234: Surflexus elimated by Wadhead. 4 left. Already counting my winnings!
Hand 240: Finally MikeSaban gave up the figth! 3 left.

Hand 241: This one pulled Wadhead back to the peleton!
Getting AA. Wadhead raises 2400, I re-raise 7200. No brainer! Again a re-raise from my side to 10400. To me delight Wadhead pushes it all the way and goes all-in. Again an easy call. I'm always the favorite!He shows KK and got no rescue! Was a pot of 22280 chips.

Hand 252: Weegem gets eliminated with a pair of threes vs 2 pairs.
Hand 253: HU starts
Wadhead: 37520
Dremeber: 20980

Hand 264: This one turned things around.
Pure luck. Got A4 and decide that this is the moment. I raise 4800. To my horror Wadhead raises 10800. What now, he has been bullying some time on the FT so I decide to go all-in. What a mistako to mako. He calls and shows A8 vs my A4. He got a real nasty bad beat here with a 4 on the river! Giving me a lead of around 18000 chips.

Hand 270: WTF! I won. Breath! Breath! Pinch your arms. Ouch not that hard!
Hole Cards: KJ unsuited.
I do the standard raise of 4800 and Wadhead re-raises all-in. This is the moment. I decide to call. He shows J9 suited. So it will be a coin flip. And bang the flop, makes me the winner with a straight. No clubs, so it is sure!Amazing!

Wonder what my table image was!


15 reacties:

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Nice result! What was the payout?

MrPink72 said...

Congrats and a great result! Next week to defend the title?


The 80th Minute said...

Pay-out was 78$!!!
Biggest pot ever in the bloggerment.

Anonymous said...

Nice win - even if you did take all my chips off me!

Well done mate.

Nick said...

Very well playerd Sir (despite hand 109!!!).
Great performance and congrats!!

The 80th Minute said...

Have to admit that hand 109 was pure luck! Guess lighting from a cloud struck me :)
But I read somewhere the following: In order to live you must be willing to die!

syferium said...

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MiasDaddy said...

Well played m8 - I had thrown my laptop out the window after that 10s v 4s - so wasn't around to see it!
You need luck as well as balls to win this tourny!

Well Done.


voiceofjoe said...

Well played Dr, hand 264 did for me , and hand 270 poor push from me. I was probably tilting a little from hand 264.

Littleacornman said...

Congrats! Look forward to seeing you back to defend it next week!

surflexus said...

Nice job!!! I enjoyed meeting you on the virtual felt.

portdeco20 said...

congrats on the win mate, thanyou for not losing to the english =D, gl


Mike said...

Congrats on your win and nice write up.

"Stillhere" is one of the politest nicknames Ive ever been given - lol

all the best


Anonymous said...

Good work Drem!! Taken the title away from Britain, you better be back next week so we can get it back! ;o)

Seriously though, congrats!



p.s. Linked up.

Swifty said...

Well done!

Your emotions more or less match mine when I took it down.

At the second break I was dreaming of cashing. Then the bubble was broken and I dreamt of second place and then, after a phenomenal heads up battle I'd won.

If I achieve nothing else (more than likely!) I can say I won a Bloggerement game.

Many congratulations :)