Thursday, July 05, 2007

Breaking the loosing streak but still a fish!

Last night I was capable of ending ITM in 3 SNGs. Twice in the 1.75$ 18 seater (4th e place) on PokerStars and once in the 1.20$ 40 seater (5th place).
It gave me a good feeling, finally my game is improving again. This thanks to MrPink72.

We exchanged some histories of played SNGs. This gave me insight in his game and opened my eyes.
Before I played too many starting hands from the wrong position. If the price for such a hand was not to high I would limp in. Bringing me in lots of time in danger. For instance with the second top pair after the flop. Being in a early position I most of the time don’t want just to check such a hand, so I riase. Very few times you can win the pot with such an action, but it becomes difficult when one of the other players at the table re-raises. At that moment you should fold your hand or having so many outs on a flush or straight that you can calculate the odds. But still then it is a gamble. And with gambling you most of the time will not win!
Even more difficult is the situation if you get some limpers on your hand. Most of the time I feel like I have the super hand at the table but more often somebody is slow playing. Such hands cost me a lot of chips in a SNG. So I have to avoid these situation. I should work on this.

Also I ask myself now the following question a lot: Do I want to risk my tournament play with this hand?

The problem is that a SNG tends to get boring, if you play too strict. It isn’t always necessary to play so strict. Just you should consider and in my case reconsider and reconsider again your position and situation.

This evening I wont be playing a lot. My wife has rented a sauna for my birthday last month! So, it will be nice and relaxing.
From Sunday on, we will go on a small holiday to the Belgian Coast! For sure I will visit the casino in Middelkerke but I will only play Caribean Stud Poker there and maybe some roulette.

I will update this blog once more before the holiday. I hope I will finish “Poker For Dummies” during the holiday so that I can start with a fresh mind and some more knowledge with playing poker again.

Also, I’m looking for a new template for my blog. I’m going to try to pimp it up! Trying to bring more structure in my blog. A big challenge for me!

For the moment I will concentrate on the 1,75$ 18 seater on PokerStars. I will play it until I win! It should be possible!
Also I should try to avoid the 3$ and more SNGs, cause my bankroll cannot cope with these at the moment.
Still I will continue the 1$ tourney for the Benelux. The reason, Pokerstars gives 2 FPPs for playing in this tourney, in stead of the expected 1!

Pokerstars account: 18$ (Yep took a new dive again)
Collected FFP: 150 (So 250 more to go)

Cheers and Good Luck,

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MrPink72 said...

Sounds like a nice guy that MrPink ;-) Still waiting for your hands to appear in my mailbox. Have a good holliday; just came back today from the very stormy belgian coast.