Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Down swingon ultimate and upswing on stars

Would like a day that I can report an upswing on both rooms but it is not even close at the moment.
Lost 15$ in the past days on ultimate. On all on money tables!!!
U can't imagine the players there. They call an all-in with a fucking 6 8 unsuited. And of course they are rewarded with the straight. What can u do about it? Besides not playing poker of course.

On stars on the other it is going better. I'm recovering small pieces of my losses.
6 SNGs far in the second set of 20 SNGs. Won two of them!!
As you can see the hill I'm facing is still rather steep! But I hope that we will get there. Patience is the keyword I guess.

Probably u are going to read this a lot later than intended with thanks to the blogger bots! They marked my blog as a Spam Blog. Don't even know what it means but it doesn't sound good. Hope that blogger quickly and swiftly removes the lock of my blog.


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