Saturday, July 28, 2007

It is getting better

More than half way in my second set of 20 1,75 18 seater SNGs.
And the results are promising. 13 played. Won 3 of them, got in third in 2 other occasions.

Overall I have now a profit of 7$. Not much but better than red figures.

My bankroll is now up to 37$ with also still 5 tournament $s remaining. So I have now a bankroll for 24 more of these SNGs.

Yesterday I also tried the 3,20$ 10 seater. And also a second place there and on thursday I won a tickets to the Sunday 100k on Stars, which I traded for the tournament $.

It is more than luck I guess. These last results cannot be explained with pure luck. so what is the difference? According to me:
1) so scanning trough the hand histories of MrPink opened my eyes. I played to many opening hands.
2) I start to get a feeling when I have to bet how many.
3) Patience, patience and patience.

Also on SharkScope my stats are improving.

Also joined the Raise the River community, hope that this will also improve my play!

Good luck,

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