Monday, August 06, 2007

The bubble boy

I did reach the FT, quiet satisfied with that but not with being the bubble boy after having the chiplead. Don´t know what struck me but when I did get the chiplead I completely froze up. Playing TOO tight. Have to admit that I was card dead but still, should have been involved in much more pots. At a moment I was holding AK not suited. One raise before it was my turn, I call. An all-in after me, the original raiser calls. So I was putting at least a pocket pairs somewhere and decide to fold. What a stupid fucking mistake by me. I would won the pot with a pair of kings. At a moment the blinds are getting to hurt me so I decide to go all-in with K7 unsuited to run into pocket pairs of 10s. As you can see, I will take it as a man and I will post the bubble picture on my blog but I can assure you that it really hurts to be the bubble boy!!

In the weekend I made some progress in my challenge to clear the 50$ no deposit on Full Tilt. Cause it was my third deposit bonus the guys from YPC gave me, I had to play first 50 raked hands on Ultimate (where my last 50$ was awarded). I still have to play 88 raked hands. To achieve this I´m play the 0.05/0.10$ ring games. A month ago I deposit 20$ on Ultimate. After some good session I had some really bad ones, dropping my account to 6$. But this weekend I was capable of turning this around and my account stands now on 18$. I´m going to try to reached this today on 3 tabled, each with a 6$ bankroll. With some luck, I will reach the requirement and get a 50$ free bankroll on Full Tilt. After this depending on my bankroll at Ultimate I will find the bankroll to 50 so that I can withdraw or just fire it all away!

Another goal for this week is to keep my bankroll above 50$ on Stars. If not I cannot afford to participate in the Raise the river League nor the bloggerment. While I think the buy-in is pretty fair for these tourneys it bites a big chunk out of my BR. I hope that I have cleared my deposit bonus at the end of this month. Still 95 FPPs to go. So a lot of 18 seaters to go. But it looks bright. I should be capable of collecting this last FPPs with my current bankroll.

Luckily Unibet did me a favour. I had deposit 20€ on my sportsbook account (for the new football season). The day after my deposit they started with a 50% deposit bonus up to bladibladi offer. Cause I had no intention to deposit any money any more I decided to sent them an email to see if I could still profit from this offer. A day later I got an email that they would give me the 10€ deposit bonus! Great thx guys.


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Anonymous said...

Unlucky in the bloggerment and kudos for putting the bubble banner up!

Really hope you can get that BR above $50 so you can come back and defend your lead in the bloggerment and your standing in the league!



MrPink72 said...

Nice lettertype! Makes reading more pleasant