Saturday, August 04, 2007

Set 3 Finished and first league game

I finished my third set of 20 SNGs last night. Like always the 1,75$ 20 seater!
Nog great result, but still a small profit of (you cannot believe it) 0.10$.

No first place :(. 6 times ITM.
And twice the walk of shame.About the Raise the River league game. I ended in 7th place. Not to bad but also not so good.
In the first 20 minutes I won a major hand. My pocket pair of queens cracked not only pocket pairs of Kings but on top of that they also crushed the pocket pair of Aces.

After reaching the FT I crashed under the pressure after I was bluffed out of my BB with a suited hammer (27). Better next time I guess.


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