Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New challenge: Day1: The kick-off and preparations

As posted in previous post my BR forced my to a penny challenge. Yesterday I installed PT and I managed to configure it so that I records my plays. Not yet to the points where it will auto assign level to the other players.

With a new challenge also a new plan has to be written down.
My goal is beside to build a new BR is to try to make a profit of 15% of the current BR per day. I started the challenge with a BR of 2.19$.

Some rules I have set for myself.
1 – Only play on the 1c/2c 9 seater.
2 – Max two tables at the same time
3 – for each table the minimal buy-in (1$)
4 – leave a table when my stack at the table is above 1.50$ (allowed to buy-in again)
5 – when I lost 2 buy-ins it is done for the day!!!! Really have to follow this one.

The status so far:

Good luck at the tables,

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