Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Forced to the penny tables!

I was playing with the idea of depositing fresh money on my Stars account after my Tilt session of Sunday, which left me behind with a miserable BR of 2.19$. The idea behind funding the bottomless pit again is that I’m only 25FPPs away from clearing my 40$ deposit bonus. But I have until the end of November to do this. So there’s no rush to chase those FPPs. To get back on track I’m going to follow the ideas of the Penny Poker Challenge of Raise the River.

I’m curious how long I can last with this miserable BR. The danger is that if I start with a loosing session it is all over before it begins. So super tight is the way to go I guess. Cause I consider myself more as a SNG or MTT player I will still participate in Freerolls. Woohoo.

First I have to clear some things out and work out an approach.
Firstly I have to install PokerTracker and ask the guys at RTR how I can benefit from this.
The first big decision is if I have to split up my BR into 2 and play at 2 tables at the same time or concentrate on 1 table to begin with.
Figuring out when I should withdraw myself from the tables. Some moments are clear (when you lost your buy-in of the time limit has been reached) other are not. If your have a profit of 50% of the buy-in should you leave the table then and buy-in again to assure your profit?
Should I start short handed (6 seater) or on full tables (9 seater) (where you have to pay less blinds)?

If I understand it correctly I can only step up to the next level of ring games if my BR reaches 20 buy-ins, with one buy-in representing 100 times the buy-in. So suppose I want to step up the ladder to the 2c/4c tables my BR should be 120$.

Whish me luck, cause 2.19$ is normally not even a BR with which you can start such a challenge!


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Stefan Klein said...

as I did this myself,
just get 1 $ on a table and try to work this up, leave when you have doubled up. I hit 6 seater, because I think my edge comes into play, BUT there is more risk in losing your br that way. Think of it as a challange, the most important part is game selection or rather spot picking. I like to gamble up my minimum buyin and then play some serious poker and take more money from them. whatever you do, gl.