Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not the last post but it is getting closer!!!!

Nothing much to report. Played 2 SNGs in the past 2 days and made a fucking profit of 0.85$. So my BR at the moment is increasing to 21$. Still 29$ away from my required level to play the RTR league or the bloggerment again.
At the moment I also don’t feel the need to play poker. Have suffered to many suck outs and made to many wrong decisions even after reading Harrington. I have the feeling that I don’t know anymore how to play poker. Harrington apparently confused me! I’m now in the middle of loosing streak of 14 18 seater SNGs. Never happened to me before. Also this shouldn’t happen to an average poker player. Don’t know what is causing this? Is it my BR which is putting to much stress on me? Is it just that fact that the stars are not in the right order for me? Or to most likely answer is that I suck in playing poker!
For sure the average level on Stars is to high for me. So my play will at Stars will stop if I cleared my deposit bonus (not very likely) or if my money dries out. If I succeed in the wonder of collecting the remaining 55 FPPs I will withdraw some more money from Stars and play with the remaining bucks the RTR league games and bloggerment.

I mentioned before in the some previous posts “The bottomless Pit” and I’m actually starting to think that it is better for me the follow the example of Mias Dad! The questions that I’m asking myself (in the hope the find a straw why I should keep playing poker) are:
1) Do I still enjoy poker? Yes but the eager to play is a lot less than before.
2) Can I make some small profit with playing poker or at least play break even? No way!
3) Is my regular life suffering from playing poker? Yes and no. No in the manner that I will always will put my wife, friends and family above poker. Yes, in the last 2 weeks I went so many times to bed with such a negative feeling about poker that it isn’t even funny anymore. I even have more fun at the time with removing all the dead mice the cats are proudly presenting to us than with playing poker. Yesterday evening it took me an hour and a half by chasing a still very vivid mouse under the dryer and washing machine. Did you think that I got any help from my cats? No way, there were thinking we brought it in so that you can bring it out again and that we can bring it in again.
4) Where my past results based on luck? While I should answer NO, I have the feeling that a more honest answer is Yes. Okay, you need some luck in playing poker. Sometimes you need help from the flop to strengthen your starting hand. But my BR is melting faster than the snow melts for the sun and although I like to believe that I’m also kicked out of an SNG by bad beats this isn’t the case.
5) Do I see an upswing coming? The answer to this is fearly simple: NO.
6) Will I deposit any more money? No No No.

So, as you can see I have mixed feelings. I started playing poker with full enthusiasm like every starting player. Did not have many dreams or goals but I guessed I should be capable of making a small profit (read figures between 10-15$ in a month or something like that). But when I look back at the last 3 or 4 months when I really started to learn how to play poker. Understanding pot odds, continuation bets, etc… I have to admit that I failed in all my challenges I have started. There were very challenging challenges to almost impossible but most of them where very realistic challenges which I should have easily reached if my poker level increased only a small bit. But no did not manage to do this. Maybe my level is a little bit higher than 3 or 4 months ago but I estimate that the increase is only a little above 10%. A 10% of nothing still is nothing.
Also I noticed that overall there is a lot less friendly chat in the chat rooms when playing poker. I like some banter and some friendly chat like in the league games and the bloggerment. My main goal of playing poker is to spend my free time in a enjoyable way but more than 90% of the players on Stars are only focussing on the cards playing multiple tables at the same time etc…

The only achievement I made is the poker bloglisting which I will keep administrating. Last night there where over 60 blogs! But I guess this blog is lying on intensive care. It is not fun for me to write negative posts time after time again. And I can understand that this will not lure a lot of readers. People are interested in winners and not in loosers (like myself). I still will read your blogs and cheer with the great results (with a lot of envy of course) you are all collecting. Some of the bloggers are getting outstanding results. Both on micro stakes as on higher stakes. Keep on going guys and girls.

Good luck at the tables,

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Anonymous said...

Drem, I have a few thoughts.

Why don't you post lots of hand histories, either on here or at the forum and let the more experienced players work through them with you. I think it will improve your game no end and maybe help to return that confidence. It's no good if you don't know where you are going wrong. Ask lots of questions. Question your plays and add your thoughts. i guarantee it will help you get back ontrack.

I read the books, learnt pot-odds, implied odds, squeeze plays, etc etc, and I just didn't put it into action at the right times, but when I started posting HH's and running through my plays with other players I realised where I was making mistakes and it's really helped me. Hope it can do the same for you mate.



Puffet said...

Sorry to hear about the poor times at the tables mate. I understand all about bad runs, but as you said yourself - its to spend spare time in a interesting way.

I agree with the post above, posting hand history could be a factor. I also strongly advise you to tag players if you change to cash games, or make notes on SnG players - many follow the same pattern. At least I know this has been profitable for me in the past.

Kenn said...

mate you can do it just keep battling away over time if you getting your money in good it will work out serisouyl though keep the faith dude

if i can turn the corner you for sure can


MiasDaddy said...

Hi D - I've come back and decided to give things a re-try. One of the key things that made me reconsider, was the fact that for 2 years I won 4 figure amounts. A winning player does not become a losing player, unless he's changed his game.
You won the blogger - which means you have the skills to succeed. What did you do in that game, that you don't do in your SNG's? Did you play in the blogger, knowing you were suirrounded by good players? If so, think of every opponent in your SNG's the same way. It helps refocus the mind.
Mik has mentioned - use the forums and discuss hands. How did you play, and how could you have done better?
Luck is a huge factor in poker and it has to go your way for you to win, s sometimes this will also go against you.
A famous politician once said that 'the answers to the future are often found in the past' - never has that been more true than with Poker.
another thing to consider - change your surroundings. Move to another site and see how things play there?

Whatever you decide, best of luck!