Sunday, August 19, 2007

set 5 completed

I have completed set 5 of my 200 SNG 18 seater challenge @Stars.
But it is not a set to be proud of. Within this set I had my longest loosing streak. A streak of 14 SNGs. This resulted in a loss of 16$ within this set and only 3 times in the money (a shameful 15%).

Overall I'm luckily still in green figures. I have a profit of 18,6$. I paid in total 178,5$ as entry fee and stakes and collected 197,1$. I end up ITM 25% of the time. This should increase a lot.

Didn't play a lot of Poker. Went to Phantasialand on Wednesday and had the ride of my life in the Black Mamba. But I can assure u that I will never ride that roller coaster again.

In contrast with my previous promises I probably will play the bloggerment tonight. I like that MTT to much to miss it. And if I can win it once, I can win it twice! I hope.

Also I have the feeling that I did good by writing all my frustration down in the previous post. It kinda cleared my mind and I'm playing much better poker at the moment than before the post.

Also glad to see that Mia's Dad returned to the scene. Not only did he return but he is also forced to look for a new nick. Congrats mate.

Good Luck at the tables,

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