Thursday, August 23, 2007

Penny Poker Challenge: day 3

It was still a profitable day for me. But I didn't run as smoothly as the 2 other days.
Played 202 hands, which is a lot for me, and made a profit of 1.66$. It should have been more but I lost 0.30$ within my last hand.

I got 33 in the SB. Only one limper in front of me. So I call.
The flop appeared to be nice for me: K36 rainbow.
The limpers raises to 0.04$ and I decide to call.
The turn is an A. I take the lead and raise 0.04$ and he calls.
Te river is a 5. He raises 0.10$ and I re-raise to 0.20$. He calls instantly and turns a pocket pair of 6s.

In total I made a profit of 6.85$, which brought my BR to 9.01$.
As you can see below I'm still far ahead of my plan.

To the one playing the RTR league tomorrow. Lot's of fun. I have to skip it due to my BR but even with a decent BR I would have played cause I have to play the quarters tomorrow evening in a tennis tourney.


3 reacties:

Nevermore said...

Way to go, Bro. I'm pullin for ya.

Stefan Klein said...

I just wonder if you picked 6max or fullring games?

The 80th Minute said...

I'm currently playing the full ring games. You will loose less money with the blinds compared to a 6max.