Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Th penny poker challenge day 8

I may not complain these days. Playing rock solid poker at my level the 1c/2c tables. Today a profit of 6.62$.
Today I made again a profit and this for the 8th day in a row. Never imaged this when I started last Monday with 2.19$.
So I decided to give the 2c/5c tables a try and bought myself in for the minimum to see myself making a 4$ profit within 15 minutes. So I decided to bank my winnings and mow the lawn.

During the football I registered for the Benelux MTT but got kicked out after half an hour, when my A10 failed to beat the all-in KJ after the flop. He made the straight on the river.
I have the feeling that I'm mastering the 1c/2c tables. The problem with this level is that it is hard to build a decent BR. But as long as my BR is below 40$ I will have to force myself to stay there. It is better to make some small profit there then making no profit at all. I still leave the table when I have increased my buy-in with 50%. Still in a phase that I cannot afford big downswing so I have to bank relative soon.
Still I can make some improvements on this level. I have to learn how I can make the most of my nuts!

The bad news from the week is that some blogs from RTR members are hacked. I hope they all come back with a new blog, cause I was reading them on a daily basis.

Only 19 points to go for clearing my deposit bonus!

Good luck at the tables,

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Anonymous said...

Keep the faith man, I know how hard it is to start with pratically nothing. Remember I had $20 6 weeks ago. and now have $214.00 and I have played a lot and I do mean a lot of poker. I have around 700 FPPs for the month. Just grind it out to get s ome breathing room and then go from there.


Puffet said...

Well done mate on completing the set challenge. Stick with 1c/2c or 2/5c for a while - as things are developing nicely.

Maybe make yourself a new challenge, this seems to keep you focused - and so far the result has been positive right:-)