Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day 5 of the Penny Poker Challenge

First I have to correct something. I had an error in my plan sheet. I withdrew the 1$ buy-in + fee from the mtt from my BR but I didn't add the $ again. So, in stead of a loss of 0.97$ I made a profit of 0.03$.

Today I had a session of an hour and a half. Lost 2 buy-in and decided to buy myself in for 2$ at the 2c/5c tables. This saved me. I doubled up there within the first 15 minutes. Nobody believed that I was holding the nuts FH. Thx guys.

So for today a profit of 1.04$.
Current BR: 24.96$.

Good luck at the tables,

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pokertaswegian said...

Thanks for leasing a comment on my blog and the offer to share links. I will put a link to yours on there and would appreciate it if you did the samenrf