Monday, September 24, 2007

Back from Holiday

Hi all,

I'm back and just in time if I have to believe the news. At the moment the south of Spain is being flooded. More about my holiday later on.

First lets talk about poker. Had a great result yesterday in my biggest tournament ever. I decided to try a MTT with a buy-in of a least 11$. 2348 participant and 225 places. Never thought that I was capable ending ITM for sure not even to be in the top 100. And yes I ended in 99th place. Had a great chunk of luck when my pair of 10s defeated the pocket dames.
Finally I received my FT no deposit bonus of 50$. Already made 60 of it.

Back to the holiday. The start was not so good, with a delay of at least 5 hours and rain on the first day. We drove around 2000 kilometers. Seeing almost all the top spots in the Costa Del Sol. The end was like the start with a lot of rain and a delay of 30 minutes.
But I can advise everybody to do a fly-and-drive in the south of Spain.

BR at Stars: $120+
BR at FT: $60

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Rob1606 said...

Congratulations! A very nice result.