Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thank you Ultimate

When cleaning up my mailboxes I stumbled into an email of Ultimate. I quote " We haven’t seen you at the tables for a while, and we miss you! So, we’ve added $10 to your account to get you back to the tables. "

So I decided to give Ultimate another try. First very cautious on the 0.05/0.10 tables. When my BR had hit 17$ it was time to work again on the fence of the Chicken Run.
After a day working it was time to gamble and hit the Bad beat Jackpot table 0.25/0.50. With my miserable 17$. 15 minutes later it was 83$.

To recover all my looses at Ultimate I did something what not many of you would have done. I have collected 60$, resulting in a 20$ overall profit on Ultimate. The downside is that I only have 23$ left to play with on Ultimate. 2.20 is invested in a buy-in hunter and the remaining stack is at the moment again on the same bad beat table.

I know many of you would have left the money on there to have a decent BR but Ultimate is not my friend and it is nice to withdraw for the second time in my poker life some money. Now I have finally a room which was profitable for me.

Also it decreases the urge to withdraw some money of my Stars account.


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Rob1606 said...

Very impressive! I never had much luck playing cash tables, it always took much longer to collect some money (if I won some at all...)

Sounds like a good idea to withdraw that money. I like doing that regularly to safeguard my winnings.