Sunday, September 02, 2007

First September update

As said in my previous posts before this month I want to reach a BR of 100$ on Stars. I know that this room is not the easiest room to play on. I started two weeks ago with 2.19$ on my account after yet again a stupid tilt session.

I moved up a level to the 2c/5c table. To be honest there is much difference between this level and the 1c/2c level. The advantage that this level has is that it is possible to collect some FPPs. Earned 4 of them in the last 2 days. And the best is that twice I wasn't involved in these hands. So, still 11 more to go, to clear my 40$ deposit bonus.

In the first 2 days of September I played 311 hands and made a profit of 6.39$. Played 6 sessions and made a profit in all 6. My lowest profit in one session was 0.35$ and the biggest profit in one sessions was 1.6$. Total playing time was 317 minutes meaning an average profit of 1.20$/hour.

My current BR is 42.92$. So 42% far in my September challenge.


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