Monday, September 03, 2007

Bad play still some profit

Don't what hit me but I played some loosy poker today. Lots like I lost my patience.

For instance my worst play of the day:
Sitting on the button I got dealt K7 of diamonds.
3 limpers in front of me, I decide to call hoping on a good flop. SB calls, BB checks.
The flop is Jd4h4d.
SB bets 0.20$, another player calls and me the fucking moron also calls. The river is the Ace of clubs. So still a small chance on the flush.
The SB checks, I raise 0.15$ (still not knowing why) and the player behind me checks and the SB folds.
The flop is my nightmare a K of clubs.
I bet again 0.15$ and the other goes all-in. Guess what I did? Yep, I call. Thinking that he had a jack or something like that. And I was correct he had a jack but also a fecking 4.
The result is that for the first time this month I lost a buy-in.

Still I ended the day with a 2.03$.
BR is now 46.14$

Edit: Just played 2 SNGs at stars to have some variation. Two times a 3.25$ 6 seater SNG. First time I was the bubble boy. Second I was the winner.
It was a strange feeling to play a SNG again. Specially when we were HU. I have the feeling that I playing rock solid poker (at least for my level), avoiding the risks, making the good laydows (here is where the money is) and having the guts the overplay some weaker hands when the opposition is out of position.

BR is now: 51.34$

Good luck at the tables,

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Brilliant going Dremeber, I wish I had your patience :)

Will you swap links please - I've added yours