Friday, September 28, 2007

Rakeback vs No deposit bonus

In the beginning when you are learning the game, no deposit bonuses are the heaven on earth. It is only later on when you understand the game, start to love and play much more that you understand that it was a gift from the devil. For sure if you start playing a lot of ring games.

At least that is what happened to me. Almost for all the room where I have an account on I'm there cause of the fact that some site offered me a no deposit bonus. The only exception for me is my account on Stars.

So the lesson learned is: rakeback is the heaven on earth for somebody who plays frequent poker, No deposit bonus is the devil's advocate. For the room where I have an account on, it is to late. But when I will create an account on a new room, it will be with rakeback.

The problem I have now is that there are lots of Rakeback sites out there, now I have to find the one which I can trust most.

My BR at Ultimate is cleared. I like to think that it was due to a bad beat. Was holding KQ suited. So I do a raise of 2$. Got one caller. The flop is 5Q5. So I decide to raise 5$. Got a re-raise so I shoved all my money in the middle of the table. And got a call. The 10 on the river give him 2 pair. QQ and 1010. So I was way ahead when I decided to go all-in.
Good that I cashed the 50$ yesterday.


3 reacties:

MrPink72 said...

Even it was free money you were really really really overplaying your bankroll there ;-) Shame.

Nice to see the good results though. Do you have an idea what turned the tables (books, forum, video)?

Talk to you next week,


The 80th Minute said...

With this stack I was certainly way over my head.

Videos have nothing to do with it. I guess multiple tables is the thing for me. Plus the fact that for me the money is in ring games.

pokertaswegian said...

nice work mate. keep plugging away