Sunday, October 14, 2007

Don't know what to say

...but my ring game stats are really bad and frustrating. And now analyzing my hands and okay there are some leaks in my game but they cannot explain the almost 40$ loss for this month.

The hand most dealt to my is 93 not suited. 15 times out of 659 hands.

I know now that I may not over play my 1010. This hand alone is almost 25% of my losses. Got it dealt 5 times. 2 times a small profit (not above 0.35$), one time a small loss (today when I folded it after a big raise after me) and 2 big losses. Once I ran into AA which costed me 4.45$ and once I ran into a set of 6s. The problem here was that none of the cards on the flop were higher than my 10 or gave a flop or straight possibility. But his re-raise all-in should have turned on a light inside me.

Also the jacks were not with me last week. Had a real suckout against a flush after hitting the third J on the flop. The other time that I lost big with my jacks was when I ran into Kings.

As you can see I have the strong feeling that the cards are against me. The evidence that I also made loss with 5 times pocket pair kings proves this. Loosing a race against A10 and they even failed to failed to beat a pocket pair of 4s.

On the other hand on the SNG side of poker I cannot complain.

The conclusion: on the ring games I have to go back to the basics before my money at Full Tilt dries out.

More luck at the tables than myself,

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Spunksock said...

its hard to fold an overpair to a raggy flop, even when the voice inside you tells you you're beat.
Are you playing full ring games on full tilt and what stakes?

The 80th Minute said...

I always play full ring games cause you play with much more patience there considering the blinds. Also believe that the 6 seater require more poker knowledge than I have at the moment.

Playing at the lowest ring games at Tilt so 0.05/0.10$.