Monday, October 15, 2007

Ring game practice

I decided to leave to SNGs at Stars at rest for the moment. I still have 14$ in my Full Tilt account and I want to use it to improve my ring game play. Another reason is that my SNG results in the past few days were excellent so there is a big chance that I will face some minor result because I suddenly think that I could win the WPT. And the 14$ in the Full Tilt account does not leave room for errors.

So started today. Only played 166 hands. The time left I will use to evaluate my hands. Made a profit of $2.15. Woohoo. The start of a new million.

Pretty card dead. Q2 was dealt 6 times. AK 4 times but each time no improvement on the flop.
97 was my most expensive starting hand. Making middle pair on the flop and two pairs and the river but the second king on the turn gave my opponent three of a kind of kings. He hid it well.

The most profit of the evening was made with 63suited. Got it while sitting in BB. The SB completes after everybody else folded. The flop gave me 4 spades. I raise 0.10$ to see that the SB had. The SB re-raise 0.60$. For some stupid reason I decided to call and my stupidness was rewarded with the flush card on the turn.

I hope this is the start of a new good run at the ring games. Well see.

Good luck at the tables,

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