Monday, October 29, 2007

One time to many

Okay, I have to admit I should not have played poker this evening. Was still completely fucked up due to some things that happened today. I really have to remind myself that there are more important things in life than a stupid football game.
But I did it anyway!

Still don't think that it influenced my play. Anyway, I ran into monsters, into higher pocket pairs and most of all bad beats. Waiting patiently on my monsters but they never came. This has happened way to often in the last few days. As I wrote in my previous post, as a poker player you will have bad days and good days. Upswings and downswing, etc... You get the picture.
O my god, just lost a pot with AKs against 59 unsuited.

But to come short, I have lost completely my confidence. Both in myself and in Pokerstars. So I have withdraw a big chunk of my BR, leaving me with 19$ behind. When this dries out, I will see what options I have left.

No BR worries. I have a little more money than I started. So I made no loss but I have to admit that I'm still a small fish in the big ocean surrounded by sharks and swimming donkeys. During my 4 months on stars I made some progress but not enough.
Normally I should reading one pokerbook after another but I don't want that. People around me actually invested time in reading books, studying plays etc... and it really pays of.

I will see where it goes from here. Probably I will open an account in a room where I can get a rakeback deal.

Not much to say anymore (for while at least).

Good luck at the tables,

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Rob1606 said...

Although you do not like it, I think that you should really consider reading some books! Some things are just very hard to learn from experience. For instance, did you know that 95o has a chance of about 35% to beat AKs? So such a thing is not extreme at all, if you play three times with AK against 95 you can expect to lose on average one hand...

Seven months ago I was in a similar situation to you, playing for small buyins and just barely breaking even. Then I read this book.
Without Harrington on Hold'Em, I would not be where I am today.