Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend Update

Played a lot this weekend and with a lot I mean a lot. I varied some rock solid poker with some awful decisions but I hope that I learned a lot.

First things first. A fellow blogger of mine had some critics about using or not using some statistics. I have to place one cause I actually proud of my achievement.

As you can see, I finally am out of the red figures. Within the last month I came back from 75$ in the red to a profit of 19$. But now the hard part comes, I need firstly to stay in the profit figures and secondly try to improve it. I guess I have to face it that I'm a tournament player and not a cash player.

The weekend started really enjoyable. We played a Tag Team tournament with some RTR members. First all participants were given a number and then I random generated made the team. Numer 2 was my number and number 7 was given to Mair, so the team name was quickly choosen Team Hammer. I have to admit that it was not my best tournament but Mair was railing and ended in second position, together with my 7th place we ended up second in the team competition.

The highlight of the weekend was my second place in a 5$ 45 seater. Good for a payout of 48$ bringing my BR on Stars for the first time ever above 150$.

Also followed some advice from Scott and decided to play some 2.20$ sats to the Sunday 100k. I won 2 tickets for the Sunday 100k. Unregistered for my first win but I will play it tonight.

Played 23 SNGs this weekend. Good for a net profit of $37.16. ITM: 30.43%. ROI: 45.90%.

Good luck at the tables,

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