Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Short session today

Due to my Spanish class I only played 59 hands this evening. But the result is promising, a profit of $2.70. So I almost can change my red figures for the month into green ones.

Wanted to play a little bit longer but suddenly everybody disappeared from the table. Don't have a clue why cause I was catching up on RTR.

My biggest loss today within one hand was 0.90$. I guess this is a lot when you only bring $5 to a 0.05/0.10 table and above all it could have been avoided. After the flop I had 8 outs on my straight with the Q and 10 in my hands and the K and J on the flop. The villain raised 0.25$ (a pot size bet) and although the odds were against me I called. No help on the turn and he puts in another bet (0.55$) and cause I was pot committed at that time (at least that was my impression) I called again. The pot odds were around 2,5/1 and I had around 8/1 odds to complete. So should have folded for sure.

The hand that made my session was the AA beating the KK.

Cannot complain. Back above $15 on Tilt so the BR is at least heading again in the right direction.

Good luck at the tables,

4 reacties:

Amatay said...

Your blogs changed colour! Very nice sir. Also you have 3 columns now. How did you do that because i want a 3 column blog also. Tried to do it once before and failed. Would really appreciate if you could help me out.

Anonymous said...

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Littleacornman said...

I won a pot with AA v KK last night too.Nice to be on the right side of that one and have it hold up!

MAIR said...

really enjoyed our team game last night hun, hope they do it again next week we did gr8 :) and are 2nd on the leaderboard.