Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nothing much to report. Didn't play a lot of poker. Many reasons for that but the most important one is that I didn't feel like playing. Yesterday evening I had more fun with chasing one or our escaped chickens than playing poker. Must have been a sight. Me in complete darkness chasing a chicken with a flashlight. Not an easy task I can tell you! If I put down the flashlight I could see where the chicken was running, if I kept it in my hand I couldn't catch the chicken. But in the end I won!!!

My BR @ titan is still very healthy. I almost tripled it in 10 days which is quiet an achievement for me. Probably cause I have more patience and start to get the guts to play more aggressive @ the bubble. The patience part is probably explained by the fact that I stayed away from the turbos. For the aggressive part I have to thank BurnleyMik and Biakkax who opened my eyes. Also some credit to MrPink. Guys thx for the tips. Don't forget to visit the blog of Biakkax to read his laptop story.

Also nice to read that Amatay is recovering, hang in there made. The table will turn your way.

Good luck @ the tables,

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