Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Going fine

I have hesitated a lot before depositing on titan but I don't regret it at the moment. Within 4 days I doubled my BR, which can be called a great start. The BR at titan is now 102,5$.

For the moment I only concentrate on the 5$ SNG 10 seater non turbo and this suits me fine. I tried one 20 seater and one 30 seater but without success.
So far I played 13 of these SNGs. I won twice, can second three time and third 4 times.

The only downside is that it takes more than an hour before such an SNG is completed and probable I can only free up 10$ from my deposit bonus.

To be complete:
SNGs played: 15
ITM: 9 times (60%)
ROI: 63%
Profit: 52.5$

Good luck at the tables,

4 reacties:

Anonymous said...

If you are winning mate, stick to it!

Very well done and that 60% ITM is also excellent. Good Stuff.

portdeco20 said...

you have been tagged ;)

Anonymous said...

hey man, yah plyn 16 tables has actually become quite easy for me now which is quite sick. As far as making supernova and what i will buy from the store im not sure. I have always had problems saving my fpps as i spend alot on the bonuses, but we shall see. Also supernova just got alot harder for me as ive began playing a more and more on fulltilt as well, anyway GL man

Amatay said...

n1, hopefully your roll will continue to grow. glglgl