Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend and Monday update

Time to look back at the weekend. First lets start with the bad news. I donked away 50$ in the casino of Titan poker. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Due to this I wanted to withdraw my initial deposit but this was refused by Titan cause this would have brought my BR under the amount I deposited. They explained that I may withdraw money but I may not go below the amount I deposited during my bonus period. So I browsed their web page and nothing can be found explaining this rule. So bad points for Titan Poker.

Now back to the Poker front. I played 21 SNG in the past days. Most of them are 5$ 10 seater, one 10$ 10 seater and 2 5$ 30 seaters.
My ROI is decreasing but my overal profit is climbing. So far I made over 100$ profit, so I may not complain but there are still many leaks in my game and it is time to discover them. So from now on I will evaluate each SNG where I did not end ITM and place my explanation on my blog. This way I'm forced to think about it.

As a closure some non poker information. It is time for me to lease a new Car. Currently I'm driving the old version of the Hyundai Santa Fe. But the new Santa Fe has become to expensive. The Dutch government is a real pain in the ass. Nowhere in Europe the tax on lease cars is so heavy and my problem is that I should add 25% of the Dutch catalog value to my annual salary. For the moment 3 cars are shortlisted and if the all appear to be too expensive I will probably fall back to the Ford Mondea Clipper.

First choice: The Dodge Nitro

Second choice: The Jeep Compass

Third choice: The Chevrolet Captiva

Still one month before I have to make my decision.

Good luck at the tables,

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Raisetheriver said...

I like the idea of you analysing each tourney and looking for mistakes/leaks. Also posting them on here may let an outside point of view spot things you miss.

Looking forward to it.