Monday, December 10, 2007

AA and KK cracked in one SNG!

Did not play a lot, just didn't had my mind set on poker.

Played 3 SNGs. In the first I went out pretty soon. In the second I got third.
Got kicked out when I knew that the villain was trying to bluff me out of the pot after the flop. After the flop I was one spades short of the flop so it was worth a try. I lost the hand eventually but I was glad that my read was ok.

The third was told me that I wasn't going to be my day. I doubled up in hand 12 with 1010. In hand 52 my AA were cracked by KQs. For once I did try to slowplay them from the button. After the flop which was pretty harmless I went all-in. Not pot odds in the world justify a call with nothing and an only way out of a runner-runner straight. The problem for me was that in the same SNG also my KKs were cracked. This time by a pocket pair of 8s.

Good luck at the tables,

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Matt said...

Unlucky mate. Sometimes you just know it aint goona be your night. I've been there many times LOL.

GL in your next stint at the tables.

I've linked your blog too mate. Nice work :)

Matt H