Saturday, December 08, 2007

My first December win

And it only took 24 attempts!!! A little bit shameful to be honest but I can tell u it is a real moral booster and thats just what I needed.
Played 4 SNGs today and results are ok. 3 times ITM and once fifth. This fifth place was mainly due to no luck and no cards.

Also, I can finally write that the December figures are back in black. At the moment I have a astonishing profit of 3$. After my withdrawel of 25$ my BR is back at 83$. If I would withdraw another 25 more I would have withdrawn my complete deposit but I'm going to wait. For once I'm not going to be the chicken like normally. If I add this life BR to my online bank account I'm break even for the year, even better it would mean a small profit of 13$. But still 23 days to go.

Thx for all the comments, really meant something to me. Also made me change my game a little bit.

Good luck at the tables,

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