Monday, December 31, 2007

Looking back @ 2007: part II

As promised the next and last chapter of my review of 2007.

Thx to the fine results today on Titan Poker my loss is decreased to $35,88. Not bad for my first serious year of online Poker/gambling. If I don't add my losses in a online casino I made a profit of $89.22. So again a lesson learned. Stay away from those bloody things.

To goal which I had set in the beginning of December is reached. My online bank account is break even. Due to the final withdrawal of today.

First let me compare my December stats with those of November.
November December
SNGs played 82 52
ITM 31 21
ITM % 39,02 40.38
ROI 18.05 17.5
Profit $81.8 $51

I played a lot less due to the discovery of Littewoods. The increasing ITM% is promosing but can be neglected. The decrease in ROI can also be neglected. In both months the average profit per SNG is around $1.
I'm winning less than 10% of the SNGs I have played which is not high enough. This should be increased in the next year.

The goals for 2008!
- Make a profit. At least double the BR I have at the moment. The current online BR is: $342.
- Make a 250$ profit on Titan.
- Increase my SNG win % on Titan to at least 15%.
- Recover my losses on Littlewoods ($101) with only cash games. The actual loss is less but I did not include the rakeback into this. Cause it will be my first rake recovery I first want prove.
- Keep my blog alive. While this looks the most easy part it is very common that a poker blog suddenly disappears due to bad beats, private reasons or the writer just lost interest in the blog.
- The most difficult one will be to improve my poker level. The action plan for this has been set.

In the beginning I will only be playing on Littlewoods (cash and occasionally a head hunter) and Titan (SNGs and some cash games). Probably I will refund my PokerStars account for the bloggerments and some MTT and open an account on another room for Rakeback, check out some of the best rakeback deals on the top left side of my blog).

And last be not least a reminder to MrPink. MrPink your goal for the next year is and I'm quoting you: at the end of 2008, making a profit of at least $150 per month on the 25c/50c level.

For the rest I want to wish you all a nice slide from 2007 into 2008. I also hope that all of you will succeed in the targets for next year (if they are not interfering with mine).

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Claudius said...

Hee man, lees globaal even wat door. GL in 2008!

Mijn tip; wordt wat minder resultaat gericht en blijf je A game spelen, ook al krijg je suck out na suck out.

The 80th Minute said...

Probably I should not be so result oriented but that's just within my nature so difficult to change. But your are right and if I look at my results i should look at the long term results in stead of short term.

MrPink72 said...

LOL pressure is rising now! Well it is in ink (sort of) now so might as well go for it.....

May all your wishes come true in 2008.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very sensible set of goals Drem. Absolutely sure you can pull it off mate.

Good luck!