Sunday, December 02, 2007

Strange results yesterday. Played 7 SNGs, ended 3 times ITM and 3 times as last!!!

SNG1: 9th
Stupid, stupid, stupid. I tried to bluff someone out of the pot with a JJ3 flop. Unfortunately the villan had a 3. Still had a flush escape but the cards were not with me.

SNG2: 10th
Again stupid play of me. First hand sitting in BB with AQ unsuited. One caller and the SB completes. I raise to 120 and the initial caller calls again. The flop is QJ9. Cause I'm scared for a 10 on the turn or river I go all-in and run into the already made straight.

SNG3: second
The last hand hurts a little bit. Holding 89 in the SB and I have around 2k chips less. I raise to 700 and he calls. Flop: 946. The villan raises 1000. I want to take this pot without a fight and because I feel I'm ahead I go all-in. He calls with A6 and as expected the A pops up at the turn.

SNG4: 10th
One nasty flop. Sitting in BB with Q7. A hand I would normally never play but it checks to me. 7 people in the pot. The flop QQ4 looks like a dream but turns into a nightmare. I check cause I'm first to act and the button raises 60, the SB calls and I raise 120. The next card is a J and the SB and me keep re-raising each other until we are both all-in. Never could have guessed that he had pocket 4s.

SNG5: second

SNG6: 10th
Ran into AA with my AQ. Flop has a Q as highest card and rest is history.

SNG7: Third

So, yes I played really bad poker in some SNG. But still the month starts with a mighty profit of 1.5$. Yeah.

Good luck at the tables,

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Rob1606 said...

OK, the first game was not good. I do not think you should be bluffing anyone with 9 players left (unless the blinds were already quite high, perhaps?) You can take a small shot but if it gets called/raised, just forget about the hand.

But all the other games seem to be just bad luck! Sure, it was perhaps over the top to go all-in on the flop QJ9 with AQ. (Note that since people usually play high cards, you could also have been up against a made two pair btw.) The A6 player was an idiot, you played that fine.

The 44 player on the QQ4 flop was plain lucky! You cannot take such a hand into account. However, at some point I would have called instead of reraising further, since I would have been worried about Q with a better kicker (the 7 is not so great obviously).

AQ vs AA is again bad luck, though it would be good if you could lay down top pair top kicker, certainly in the early stages of the game. But this is hard to do.

In my most recent tournament, I went out when I pushed QJ on a JT4 flop against what turned out to be J7 (what a fish) and 44 (oops...)

Anonymous said...

sorry to be a pain in the a$$ ...

you got me linked as "dB" ... er, could you change it to "dD" ... petty i know ... sorry

nice to see u in profit :)



aka ResdentEvil