Friday, November 30, 2007

November Recap

Strange feelings about this month. I only played on Titan this month. Trying to do the impossible and clear my deposit bonus. If you are a microstakes player forget the Titan deposit bonus.
I made a profit which feels great but it should have been more, much more. I donked away 50$ at their Caribean Stud Poker table. Lesson learned. Even without this my profit is decent and probably the biggest month profit ever. A stunning 81$.

Let's take a look at my stats:
SNGs played: 82
ITM: 31 times (39,02%)
ROI: 18.05$ (not good enough)

1st places: 7
second places: 10
Third places: 14

I'm surviving the bubble enough times but I feel that I should get more wins or at least second places.

The things I learned this month:
- I should not always call all-ins.
- Be more aggressive.
- And on the other hand keeping my patience.
- I should stay away from the turbo games and the multi table SNGs. Not ready for both of these SNG types.

Also satisfied with the blog. I'm very satisfied with the redesign of my blog. It looks like a regular template but it is not. If you take a deeper look at the background you will see that the dots are replaced by the spade and heart symbol.
A look of thanks to Mair38 (aka Pokerlass) for designing my banner, I couldn't have done it better (or without u). I hope this layout change will increase my number of hits.
To improve my blog even further a opened a playground blog, where I can try everything out before uploading it to this live blog without screwing it up.

Good luck at the tables,

2 reacties:

voiceofjoe said...

Keep at it - Good luck on Titan,I just find the structure of there SNG's too quick.

I really like the Betfair SnG's although thye don't fill up that quick

MrPink72 said...


I really think you broke the curse now! Keep this up and you will have a nicely paid hobby.