Saturday, January 12, 2008

First RTR premier league victory

Don't know how but I did it. While there were only 17 contenders I really did not expect playing the bubble let alone that I would win it. Really proud on this cause there are some really good players at RTR.

I did read in the chatbox @ RTR that this would almost have doubled my BR and they could not be more wrong. It was only an increase of 33%.
It was really a strange FT. Everybody was adjusting their play to Kenn aggressive play style. And that it comes down to pure luck. The biggest example of this is sitting in the BB HUs, looking at your hole cards and discovering Pocket Aces and more important seeing that you opponent went all-in.

Besides this I lost a stupid 6$ on the cash tables cause I was not concentrating.

On the Titan site, everything is going fine. As you can see in a widget in the right frame I have set myself a challenge to control my eager to step up to soon to the next level. I hope that my BR after this 250 SNGs at the $5 level is big enough to make the step. But we will see.


3 reacties:

SG - King of the forum ban said...

Great effort Dre, very well played bud!!
Good luck with the SnG's, definitely an achieveable target.
Best wishes,

Small Stakes Poker said...

Happy New Year
good luck for 2008

Littleacornman said...

Well done on taking the RTR game down!