Saturday, February 09, 2008

Falling star

Nope for once a real falling star! Tonight when I went out to put away the garbage I saw my first real falling star. Like it supposed to be I made a wish immediately. We will see if it comes out.

Nothing much to say on the Poker front. Didn't play a lot. Made some money on LW with, yep believe it or not, the cash tables.
On Titan like expected, I'm on the other side of variance! No cashes in the last 4 SNGs but now my BR is back under 100 I'm sure better results will follow again.

To be sure that it was just variance I replayed all my SNGs:
SNG 1: 4th place.
Double up pretty soon with AK vs 99. But after that I was completly card dead and the table was so aggressive that I could even try to steal. When the bubble arrived I pushed with K7 to run into Q10. A Q on the flop and a 10 on the turn ended my SNG.

SNG2: 4th place.
Card dead the complete SNG. Won some small pots, lost some small pots. At the bubble my steal attempt from on the button ran into JJ.

SNG3: 10th place
Yep, last in, first out. Hand 13. Dealt QQ, raised 4 times the BB, got re-raised all-in. I knew I was in front and my call proved this to me. The 7 on the turn made his set and no Q to make mine. Where are women when u need them? Lost my last chips against the same player when my 2 pair was again beating by his set of 7s. At that moment you know that it is not going to be your night.

SNG4: 7th place
My own fault. I pushed in a steal attempt with KQ. Not a bad hand. The BB called with AJ, which is to bad to be true but a standard move at this level. No help on the flop for me.

Still in the green figures for this month on Titan, but the profit is decreasing.

Good luck at the tables,

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