Sunday, February 10, 2008

Strange results

Yep, having some strange results. Both on titan as on LW. At the moment I made a profit on the cash tables on LW. Incredible. Curious if I can keep this going until the end of the month.

At Titan I decided to bank another $25 after 5 SNGs OTM (outside the money). Decreasing my BR to around $61. And you guessed it right the SNG afterwards I won, than one OTM and a second place. This is confirming my theory that it isn't hard on Titan to bring your BR above $100 but to keep it there is extremely hard. Don't know if they put you on the doomswitch list or that at that moment in time my play is completely different. BR is now back at $85 so hoping to face this challenge again.

Don't know why I have trouble with staying up above $100. You can also clearly see these moment at the Sharkscope graph.

On the bright side is my ROI, which stands at 45% at the moment, which is excellent. The strange thing is that I did not end 3rd this month. Or it was a win or a second place or OTM.

Good luck at the tables,

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