Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back to Titan?

A few days ago I had to deposit 50$ to Titan so that I can transfer some money to a friend. Played quickly some SNGs with a mixing results.
Today I logged on again to play one or two SNGs during the EC final and I noticed that for some reason or another I was entitled for a deposit bonus. The maximum bonus which I can clear is $35. Sweet :) but, and there is always a but. With the $5 sng you only build up 8,5 titan points per SNG. And to clear a block of $5 you need 600 points. Meaning 71 SNG to clear $5. Lol. Strange how these deposit bonus are always so hard to clear for low limit players. I have until the 20th of September to clear as much as possible, which will probably only $5.

I won one SNG today, bringing my BR back above my deposit amount. Wooot.
We will see how things will develop from here.

Good luck at the tables,

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Logan said...

Hi Dremeber,

Yeah, the deposit bonuses are extremely hard to clear for low limit players. I remember once having to play over 100 sng just to get a $5 bonus. At .50 rake per sng, I have paid $50 in rake just to get a $5 bonus. Glad to see you posting again!